Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January in Louisiana

Afloat (18 X 24")

Offshore Abyss (24 X 48")

Right Bank Blues (20 X 16")

Just Offshore (11 X 14")

Rosy-Fingered Sunday (12 X 24")

Afternoon Waltz (22 X 28")

Bloodorange Dusk (11 X 14")

Extension (30 X 40")


  1. Wonderful and bold. I am going to spend some time with these and comment further,ok? But I am looking.

  2. Afloat and Offshore Abyss are my personal favorites. Abyss has a beautiful surface and I am reminded of not Tom Tompson but one of the other of the group. I can't remember his name, right this minute. Their work still holds up pictorialy and emotionally and is heads above so much of the plein air movement which seems to favor The Hudson River or Lyme conn schools. I think where you are breaking new ground is the inclusion of man made objects.Abyss doesn't need the raft to work but it gives it scale and a human presence. Just Offshore is a cool abstraction. Afternoon waltz really works too.I love the highlights on the tree and the color in the sky. Are they your versions of Monet's haystacks? I could use your advice on something. You are so great with titles. Got any ideas for my pastel titled Choices? I feel like they are the doors of good and evil or doorways to different futures. Anyway,I always am always excited about what you do and as long as your work evokes that element of suprised discovery I consider it sucessful.