Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sleeping Dog Series

Prancer (24 X 18")

Diver (18 X 24")

Pointer (18 X 24")

Bounder (18 X 24")

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

May's Waterways

Shad Dream (18 X 24") Sold. My National Park Service friends who manage the Pierce Mill Dam Fish ladder tell me that the weirdly warm March may have thrown off the migrating shad (which are down 97% from 1950 levels, but supposedly rebounding) and that they aren't making it as far up Rock Creek as they have in years past. The fish ladder provides a prime spot for seeing them make their way up, but my several visits in the past eight weeks have afforded me glimpses of a grand total of zero shad. But I dream of shad and I speculate about their dreams.

Rock Creek Reflection and Shadowplay (oil on canvas, 30" X 24") SOLD

Friends Creek Mothers Day (36 X 24") SOLD

Pierce Mill Dam (16 X 20")
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