Monday, April 9, 2012

April Efforts

PiƱa de Milagro (18" X 24")

Papaya Morning (18" X 24"). Sold.

Sturgeon Territory (40" X 30")

Q Street Bridge Northside (20" X 16")

Q Street Bridge Southside (16" X 20")

Painter on the Severn #2 (16" X 20")

Painter on the Severn #1 (14" X 11")

Sweeping (20 X 16")

Fish Ladder (14 X 11")

I have yet to see a shad ascending Rock Creek, but these two paintings are tokens of my efforts to do so. I love the idea of combining Rock Creek, a bridge, human figures, and (a) shad into a big coherent painting that reflects the natural history (including the present and future) of the creek.