Thursday, December 31, 2009

Blizzard 2009 Renderings

Snowslope (16 X 20"), sold.

Creekside Path in Snow (11 X 14"), sold.

Beech Tree in Snow (18 X24"), Miller-Wallis Collection.

These were painted after the blizzard from photos I took wandering around in Montrose Park behind Dumbarton Oaks and along Rock Creek.

Friday, December 18, 2009


Clarkman (16 X 20"), Collection of Avery & Gregory.

The weather's cold and I find myself hunkering down and doing portraits from photos I've taken of loved ones. This is Monday's effort. I hope people will commission me to do portraits of their loved-ones. I need to know the person, draw a study from life, and take my own digital photos to work from.

Shadowlands of December

Shadowy Paths (30 X 40")
In this big studio piece, I worked from a successful small on-site study I did years ago of the little trees and paths behind Dumbarton Oaks. Revisiting the older work, a light shone within and I thought, " I've got to build a more abstract interior journey on this composition." I really enjoyed developing this one. There are rich forms and spaces and interplays of mass and shadow and light here that my eye wants to wander in and around all day.

Shadow-laden Hillside Behind Dumbarton Oaks (16 X 20")
Another in this series from my favorite painting spot by a stone bench next to the creek running behind Dumbarton Oaks, this was painted on site December 1, 2009.

Rock Creek Park

Rock Creek Reflection, under Mass Ave Bridge (18 X 24"). Sold.

Autumn Maple, in Rock Creek (12 X 18")

Reed Relics

I studied drawing and/or painting during every semester I was at Reed College (from 1989 - 1993), though I majored in history. I've stayed in touch with my art professor at Reed, Michael Knutson, who is a very accomplished painter in Portland (see his Blackfish Gallery work!) and continues to guide young painters at Reed. He told me my work was preserved on the art department website. I revisited some of my old pieces, especially these three. I want to boast that there is more of my work showcased on the site than any other painter's, but I didn't do a very scientific comparison.

Still Life arranged by Michael Knutson

These two self-portraits hung side-by-side in the department exhibition space along with the other self-portraits of the class. The seersucker suited one vanished before the show came down. I'd like to think it was stolen because somebody liked it rather than that the thief was just too lazy to stretch her/his own canvas and liked the dimensions of this one. Both self-portraits were approximately 40" X 20". The nude is rolled up in a closet at my parents' house.