Wednesday, December 1, 2010

From my Figure Painting Class at the Corcoran

In order of appearance:

Sombra (16 X 20")

Gordo (18 X 24")

Flaco (18 X 24")

Joven (16 X 20")

Julia (18 X 24"), Collection of Gavin Dougan

Each of these has merits. The first two were done with a very limited palette, per professor Katherine Knights instructions: white, raw umber, burnt sienna, yellow ochre, blue. On Sombra and Flaco I sketched out the form with a red oil pastel before painting. Flaco was begun with a very limited -albeit expansive- palette of just light yellow, alizarin crimson (which I hadn't used since college), and pthalo blue, and white. That and black are what printers use. We were allowed to expand the palette to inject earthier tones in the final session of the pose, and I did. It's a little overworked, and I decided to stop fussing and start anew on a quick freshy in the last twenty minutes of the pose. The resulting last piece, Joven, is a very rushed, quick-response-no-time-to-fuss-or-doubt effort. It's my favorite of the group because of its energetic strokes and raw coloration. The interplay of colors and the strong lines make my heart sing as much as any piece I have ever painted.

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