Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Man Awash (30 X 40")

Woman Turning (24 X 48")

Woman in Blue & Green (18 X 24"), sold.

Woman Bathing (18 X 24")

Move Through Blue (30 X 40")

Nudes in water is a combination rich in associations. These pieces are based on snapshots of my wife and me on our way down from a very isolated group of peaks in the Adirondack wilderness, but the man and woman should be read as universal figures. As pictures and forms, these really speak to me and I hope they translate well for people who don't know me (and for people who do!).


  1. Nice site, Bear...your landscapes were a surprise! Love your work, sorry I cicn't get to say goodbye at the Corcoran....


  2. This provocative image is linked to the ebook/INovel Butcher Boys & Golddigger Girls, ( ) a detective novel that takes place in New York City in 1927, because it helps the reader visualize the action.