Monday, October 25, 2010

Seasonal Meanderings

These are plein-air studies from September, June, and October respectively:

Invitation to Swim, Chapel Pond (9 X 12"), Collection of Mohit Mukherjee.

Jumping-off Point, Friends Creek (10 X 10")

Herring Highway, Rock Creek (16 X 20")

These are larger takes on earlier, smaller studies from last year.

Friends Creek in Fall (30 X 40")

Friends Creek, in Maryland, is where I learned to fly fish as a kid. We used to spend a lot of time swimming in the creek in summer on the weekends, admiring the trout, playing with the crawfish. I'm pleased with the golden tones that come through like guitar chords through the woods, and vertigo-inducing liquifaction of the nearby reflections. The solid, alert presence of the central, pointed rock brings it all together for me.

Winter Ensemble (30 X 40")

The woods below Montrose Park never cease to amaze me, how they go from chaotic green jungle in summer to sparse skeletal remains in winter. This piece is based on photos I took after that first blizzard last winter. It is a musical meditation on vertical wood, depthless snow, suspended leaves, and the sky's descending cobalt teeth.

Creekside Path #2 (16 X20")

I remain dazzled by the golden fires and oceanic waves of snow in this exploration of Rock Creek after last year's blizzard.

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