Thursday, October 14, 2010

October in Keene Valley

Fall Frenetics (18 X 24"). Preston Collection.

Up in Keene Valley over an extended Columbus Day weekend, I produced a number of good pieces, photographed here in various states of incompletion... or not photographed at all. I like to try and get a week or two in October of solitary, monastic painting time up there in the fall. I hauled my gear up a peak or two this time around, but mostly just enjoyed using the living room as my painting/yoga studio, fireplace roaring and Indian ragas and Beethoven coming through on the sound system. The air is so crisp, waters raging wildly, tree trunks revealing all their musculature and textures, and the leaves crunching like cornflakes under foot.

Summit Spirits on Skylight (in process). Sold.

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