Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mari, Mama, and the Good Earth

Maribel at Neyyar Dam (18 X 24"), Guevara Collection.

Mama in her Garden II,
or Hostas, Hydrangeas, Hollyhocks, Mama, & Me (16 X20"), donated to Arts League of Alexandria Fundraiser.

The portrait of Maribel is based on a photo of Mari I took on an especially blissful morning by the lake at our ashram in Kerala, India. Mama in her Garden II is a copy of an earthier, less stylized painting I did in the fall. I took a page out of the Van Gogh playbook for this one. I am told (by Bob Stark) that Van Gogh would often do an on-site painting in the morning, and then he would go home and bang out a second painting (or two) based on the original.

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