Sunday, November 1, 2009

Plein-air pieces from Keene Valley in September

September Spreadeagle, from the Macholds' deck (24 X 30)

Giant and Roaring Brook Falls, from the Rutherfurds' porch. (24 X 30"). Sold.

Trinity Falls (IV) (24 X 30)

Brothers Sing September, from our terrace (24 X 30). Sold

These four pieces were all painted on site outside in September up in Keene Valley. They were quicker, bolder enterprises than the paintings I've done from photos, but sometimes the rain or darkness or some commitment comes along and I don't finish on site and it becomes a question of inventing or remembering. That happened with the sky in Brothers Sing September, where the sky was painted and repainted several times. I could have taken photos as a memory aid, but didn't.

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  1. It is great to see your work as if I am visiting a gallery. The words lyrical and poetic come to mind. You don't portray how those mountains look but you let me relive the moment of being swept away by an Adirondack view.