Thursday, November 19, 2009

Friends Creek in October

Friends Creek in Cobalt (16 X 20"), sold.

These are two paintings are of a pool where I spent a lot of time fishing and swimming as a kid. On this day in October, the colors were very vivid and the air and water were very still. Friends Creek runs into Pennsylvania from Sabillasville, MD through the rugged Cotoctin Mountain countryside. This part of the creek is in a hollow, and there isn't much sunshine in the fall. As the afternoon wore on, the air and light grew very cool very fast, inspiring me to squeeze from my tube of cobalt for the first time in years.

Friends Creek in Yellow (16 X 20"), sold.

Earlier in the day, the light was hazier, the air lazier, and warm yellows dominated my palette.


  1. It was wonderful to see you, your family ,and your paintings in person. As nice as the paintings look on line (and they do look great)the paintings are richer when seen on the wall. What is missing in a computer image is the rich, extravagent texture of the paint on the surface of the canvas. The oil colors glow and the paintings are as much about the beautiful paint as they are about the scenes depicted. You go beyond simple plein air painting to create something new. This is really eviden in Friends creek in Oct. You are depicting an interior world as well as the exterior and in doing so let us feel what you are seeing.

  2. Ah... Mr. Miller... you've come a long way from Mr. Larson's painting class, my old friend. These are really beautiful man!