Monday, November 11, 2013

Long Railroad Bridge

Long Railroad Bridge (30" X 40", oil on linen)

I have painted this bridge a number of times from the Hains Point side. This I painted from a photo I took from the Virginia side, by the Yellow Line bridge, looking toward Hains Point. I think it is successful, but I'd like to do what Van Gogh did with his repetitions. I'd like to make a copy of this. I think it will flow and accentuate the pleasing properties in a way that I failed to achieve in the painstaking process of working from a photo. But for now, I am eager to make a success of this 36" X 48" painting that is underway. It will be called something like Sturgeon Dreams Under Key Bridge. It will accompany Shad Dreams Under the Q Street Bridge at my January solo show at the Foundry. Mark your calendars for the Friday, January 3rd "First Friday" opening, please!

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  1. wow, I immediately thought of Van Gogh. Hold on to your ears.