Sunday, June 9, 2013

Adirondack Sojourn

I arrived to Keene Valley for Memorial Day weekend and to celebrate my mother's birthday. Various paintings from last summer greeted me in various states of incompletion or unsatisfactory completion. Filled with fresh mountain spirits, I knew just what to do and in a flurry of inspiration during a stretch of rainy days I repainted one after another, mostly heightening contrasts of values and hues and outlining forms to lend heft and a more sculpted presence.

Pool of Yesterday's Tomorrows, 20 X 16"

Ann's Young Pine, 48 X 24"

Awaiting Irene, 12 X 24"

Batholith Ablaze, 24 X 36"

Brook Nymphs, 12 X 24"

Chapel Pond North, 16 X 20"

Northern Hourglass #1 (Chapel Pond), 24 X 36"

Northern Hourglass #2 (Chapel Pond), 40 X 60"

And these are some new incomplete projects started that week.

Harry's Watchers with Marcy, 22 X 28"

Sunblast on Chapel Pond, 16 X 12"

I am in Denver, Colorado for June and July, getting my Western spirit revived and gearing up to rock out a Begonia-based series here.

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