Monday, February 7, 2011

Deciding on a new series...

Key Bridge in February (24 X 30"). Sold.

Key Bridge is an attractive subject for many reasons. It has rhythm and grit and organic shapes and earthy colors: a geometric, industrial structure that is steadily melding into the landscape. It's a beautiful and relatively benign monument of the modern condition. I cross it several times a week and look out over the Potomac as it changes so much day to day, season to season.

I'm eager to paint Key Bridge from the Virginia side now, as it wraps into M Street suspended over the Whitehurst Freeway. I want to capture Key Bridge standing solidly in the flow of modern life, immersed up its thighs, miraculously spanning the river's two shores, shouldering the traffic of thousands of disparate lives every day.

I'm taking a course with Judy Southerland at the Corcoran called "Painting in a Series" and trying to decide what subject to explore for my first series. Key Bridge is a strong contender. Another option is a series of portraits (father? wife? self?... my mother won't sit for me... someone else? any volunteers out there?). Maybe West Virginia coal country in winter, painting from photos and memory. Must decide soon!

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