Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ecuadorian Coast and Evolving Vision

At Christmastime we went to see my in-laws and many friends in Quito, and we got down to my favorite beach, Canoa in the province of Manabi. Stayed at the Bambu. These four paintings are from that trip and reflect my evolving vision, articulated in my most recent Artist's Statement for this current show at Baked & Wired here in Georgetown. I'll put it down at the bottom of this post.

Horizon Dweller (24 X 30")

Dance of the Earthmovers (24 X 30")

Waves and Fishing Boat (20 X 26")

Canoas (20 X 48"), sold.

Henri, Bellows, and the Bay Area figurative painters inform my work, but I’m consumed by a 21st-century admiration for our devastated natural world. Bridges, ships, and human forms in nature serve as motifs for contemplating humanity’s notions of liberation and progress in light of the biosphere’s diminishing robustness. The tragic beauty of oil rigs, mining operations, and commercial fisheries are subjects I plan to explore in 2011.

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  1. You have some very fine work. I have been checking in. We will be trying to see your show in the bistro soon. Sorry we couldn't make it to the opening but it seems you are really getting your paintings out there. I think your new artistc statement sets your work apart from just plein air painting into an exploration of something bigger. It is the kind of vision that will take your work out of the living room and into the museums. Good work