Thursday, March 25, 2010

Adirondack Interlude in Early March

Giant at Sunset (24 X 30")

Last Light on Giant (11 X 14"), Merrill Collection.

Pilgrimage to Indian Head (16 X 20"), Sold.

Maribel and I went up to New York City in early March for a dance performance by my cousin Simon Thomas-Train and his BigAPE company. Mari had to report back to DC for work, but I decided I couldn't resist the chance to visit Aunt Betsey and Uncle David and enjoy spring snow in Keene Valley. I skiid into and across the Lower Ausable Lake on Monday, March 8. I didn't see a soul until I was nearly out and encountered Chuck from the Mountaineer. I made it back to town in time for Jimmy Goodwin's 100th birthday party. All the usual suspects were there, and I got to see a painting I'd never seen before by Harold Weston of the legendary Doc Goff which hangs on the second floor of the Neighborhood House. Afterward, I went back up to the Ausable Club golf course to watch the sunset on Giant and take photos. These three paintings reflect the pilgrimage nature of the trip north. The night before my ski into the Lower Lake, I'd had a dream about the importance of maintaining an adventurous spirit in this life, and Indian Head figured prominently in the dream. Over the course of my day in the backcountry, the dream's meaning chrystalized for me. On Tuesday I rode the lifts and carved telemark turns at Whiteface.

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  1. Bear! This is your L.A. cousin (the D.C. one, not the Baltimore one)...

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